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Megan Fox sexing a mannequin photoshoot

Thursday, June 24th, 2010


Every guy who loves all things hot would definitely know who Megan Fox is. She has graced a shitload of magazines and has been at the top list of search engine results for weeks and weeks in a row just because she’s one hot motherfucker. When I look at Megan Fox’s tits and smokin’ hot body the first thing that pops in my head is sex. Wild sweaty unadulterated hardcore sex. So I could understand what the Megan craze is all about.


But the weird thing is, she doesn’t really have a huge rack or a real bouncy phat ass, but she’s still most guy’s number one fantasy. It might be the way Megan Fox licks her lips when she does interviews or sign autographs or maybe the way she wears really loose clothes and still has the sex appeal of ten pornstars combined. Here’s to hoping we see more of Megan Fox naked body in the porn scene soon!


Katie Green boob slip at the beach

Monday, June 21st, 2010


Oooh la la…do you need help with that teeny bikini, sweetie?

Katie Green’s tits are so hot even her bikini can’t contain itself from exposing those juicy jugs. This the reason why I love hangin’ at the beach! It’s because of  chicks like this brunette bombshell with smokin’ hot bodies that makes the place a fuckin’ tits and ass buffet.


You can tell by the way she laughed it off that she’s a cool chick who loves getting playful in the bedroom. She looks like the type of chick who, after you position your rock hard dick infront of Katie Green’s ass would giggle but you know it would turn into some loud moaning once you pound her ass raw.


Mel B lingerie pics onstage

Thursday, June 17th, 2010


If you’re thinking that age and time and lack of career has mellowed Mel B aka Crazy Spice, then these photos will prove you wrong. Mel B is still the wild and playful ebony chick we’ve all loved. She might have toned down the crazy a bit but Mel B’s body is still crazy hot as hell.


The toned body, the silky golden brown skin, the tight ripped abs, sexy hips and succulent-looking tits…she is the epitome of an ebony sex icon. With the way she moves, I bet Mel B’s an even wilder bitch in the sack. Here are some photos of Mel B’s tits in naughty black lingerie onstage.


Liz Parada’s bikini smoking hot body

Thursday, June 10th, 2010


With a fuckable hot body like this, any chick shouldn’t worry if she lacks in the looks department because any guy with a cock would sure as fuck beat his dick raw over naked pics of that hoe. Liz Parada’s bikini body is exactly what I want to see waiting for me at the beach. Her hot ebony skin would sure glisten in the sun and it would make me want to rip her bikinis off, spread her legs and her dark pussy lips and bury my face in there.


Ofcourse like a horny ebony chick, she would scream wildly in orgasm then I would ram my stiff dick in Liz Paranda’s pussy that is already soaking with her juice and fuck her guts out. Damn…I got carried away with these sex fantasies I have of her. But really, can you blame a horny bastard who has a fetish for ridiculously hot black chicks like this one?


Alice Goodwin topless school teacher in heat!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


Now whose tits do I have to suck to go back to highschool? If it means looking at Alice Goodwin’s breasts every day of the week then I have no freakin’ problem repeating that shit all over again. Some chicks really know what men want to see and apparently Alice Goodwin knows what to do to make my dick hard and ready to pound the living shit out of her big bouncy tits.


Shit if Alice Goodwin was my teacher back in highschool, I would probably be sent to detention every fuckin’ school day because of jacking off my dick in class. A woman like her with a body made for fuckin’ isn’t allowed anywhere near anyone with a dick if she doesn’t want sexual things to happen in the premises. I mean sure I would still be respectful. I’d give my smoking hot teacher an apple everyday…and if I’m good enough maybe she would let me fuck her wet pussy from behind after school hours.


Sophia Cahill naked and masturbating on the bed

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010


Sophia Cahill is  a print and catalog model and it only makes sense that she looks insanely hot in sexy lingerie that accentuates her amazing body but this wild nymph looks even hotter without any! And our wish is granted. Here is Sophia Cahill’s naked body in someone’s bedroom that I wish was mine.


The way Sophia stares at the camera is just so sexy, it brings shivers up and down my spine. There’s nothing like a former Miss Wales stark naked on your bed and touching her juicy pussy with her nipples erect that will give you a major boner.


Christina Hendricks’ watermelons look juicy

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010


Anyone who loves big jugs shouldn’t have a hard time getting an intense boner at the sight of Chrisitna Hendricks’ huge rack on the red carpet  when she wears cleavage-busting dresses. Clearly, there’s a woman who gets turned on knowing she sends cocks wild than a cock fighting derby.


Christina Hendricks tits is so big you can just imagine your dick being minced to dust when you give her some rough tittyfucking. I wonder if her ass is as juicy as her tits and if she loves getting her ass rammed til it’s already raw. All I know is I’d take whatever I can from this fuckable beast of a woman.