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Alessandra Ambrosio cameltoe

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

alessandra ambrosio cameltoe

We witnessed Alessandra leaving the yoga center with her yoga mat, tight pants and her camel toe poppin’ out. Indeed, Alessandra Ambrosio’s cameltoe is so prominent and I wonder why she’s just not too conscious about it. I can’t blame her though,everyone has the right for some freewill…she doesn’t have to be professional all the time.

alessandra ambrosio cameltoe pic

If you still don’t know, Alessandra Ambrosio is a certified MILF already. It seems not obvious though because her body is still Victoria’s Secret-worthy and we’ve seen her flaunting it during Victoria Secret Angels shows.

alessandra ambrosio pussy cameltoe

I would like to thank Alessandra for giving us a chance to capture a good angle out of her vagina cameltoe. With these pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio’s cameltoe, you could fantasize yourself sliding your penis in between before proceeding to an intensive hot fucking…sky’s the limit!