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Marica Pellegrinelli Bikini Backside Candids In Miami

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Check out the imported girl featured on today’s edition of Celebrity Spanker! Here’s Marica Pellegrinelli as she struts her luscious booby body in a tiny bikini which also shows a large chunk of her ass hanging out! This Italian model is taking a dip somewhere along the Miami coast and besides the fact that this celebrity model is from Italy and that her body is simply amazing in tiny bikinis. I don’t have anything else to say about this wild nympho from the EU. So while I do some research about here, enjoy these smoking hot bikini snapshots of Marica Pellegrinelli!

Unlike her British and American counterparts, this model isn’t all about tiny knockers and lean bodies. Marica Pellegrinelli is one Italian bombshell with a body to die for. Actually the correct term is this slut have hooters to die for. I mean holy crap, just look at those monster jugs! Marica Pellegrinelli’s tiny bikini in these photos can barely hold those immense boobies!

Hold on a sec, I just learned that this Italian celeb is already a mom, and my oh my she’s the true and perfect example of what MILFs should look like. Personally, I like Marica Pellegrinelli face and tits but what comes below that isn’t really my thing. She’s a bit skinny on the waist and her thighs look like they’ve seen better days. Still, Marica Pellegrinelli booby bikini photos are worth spanking on to. I’m not complaining about her fugly bottom half, not complaining at all. If you want to see more of Marica Pellegrinelli and a huge selection of other Hollywood and foriegn celebrities getting exposed in gorgeous, slutty and even in lewd images and vids, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

Ali Landry Shamelessly Flaunts Her Big Mommy Butt While Surfing

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Ali Landry is a hot surfing MILF

Celebrity Spanker brings us yet another spanking celeb rear end to enjoy for this week’s edition of skan worthy celebrity sexiness! Here are sensuous surfing snapshots of MILF celeb Ali Landy as she shows off that sparkling rear end cheeks while honing her surfing skills. Celebrity, MILF and surfing doesn’t always look good together, but this former Ms. Usa slash model slash actress and the ultimate Dorito girl pulls it off. Her celeb MILF ass just looks good on that tiny thong and seeing her tits down on the board paddling like crazy is the reason for my constant erection this Monday morning.

MILF Ali Landry flashing her butt in thong bikinis

Her roles in Repli-Kate and Who’s Your Daddy? is dead spot, this MILF has an ass that gives her the right to play the role of the most sexually fantasized cougar on Earth! This celebrity mommy is just one year shy of her 40th birthday, but her ass still looks perky and just damn delicious. These sexy photos of booty gifted and also big busted Ali Landry caught the mommy celeb with her ass up, soaking wet and shining under the sund as she paddles her board to catch a wave. Now if we can only see this celeb face up laying on the board with her hot boobs pointing straight to the sky.

Ali Landry shows off her big butt while surfing

I just can’t make up my mind on what is hotter, Ali Landry’s celebrity asshole faced up on the board or her large boobs crushed while she’s paddling the surf board. Oh the trivial things I get myself into. But scratch that, just enjoy the snapshots! To see more of her and boat loads of other burning burning hot celebrity photos and videos worthy to spank on, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

Rachel Weisz And Her Tasty Boobs At Some Red Carpet Event

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

rachel weisz and her big cleavage

Celebrity Spanker gives us a sugary celebrity cougar treat! Here’s some really gorgeous photos of Rachel Weisz, an actress who never fail to look glamourous and elegant everytime she goes out and about. The actress looks royal and exquisitely delectable in a body hugging dress while she graced the red-carpet premiere of her latest action movie The Bourne Legacy in The Big Apple. She might be all glamorous and sassy, but Rachel Weisz also look a bit of a tease! Check out Rachel Weiz racy cleavage photo below to see what we are talking about.

cougar celeb rachel weiz shows off her boobs

Her huge tits created quite a stir! This Hollywood celeb’s giant cleavage on that tight hugging black outfit is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen! It really looks like Rachel Weiz boobs will pop out her tubeless black dress, something everyone was hoping to see. I bet there’s she owns a couple of pink nipples that are just aching to be licked! Mrs. Bond came with her hubby, but we didn’t bothered including Daniel Craig’s snapshots. The guy just scares the bejeezus out of us. But we do envy the Irish born stud, he gets to fondle Rachel Weiz delicious tits anytime he wants.

rachel weisz is a booby celebrity slut

Just imagine squeezing those hot cougar boobs! But aside her fabulous set of yummy jugs, Rachel Weiz sultry legs and stunning feet are also quite pleasing to the eyes. It is hard to believe that this UK born movie actress is already 42 year old. Rachel Weiz sexy titty photos proves that she’s a fine piece of MILF ass! These photos are just samples! There’s scandalous nude content as well as hardcore home made sex tapes of famous celebs like Rachel Weiz to enjoy inside Celebrity Spanker!

On Location: Jennifer Aniston’s Rigid Nipples

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

jennifer aniston and her ample boobs

You have to give it to Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Aniston, she maybe reaching her mid-40s this year but her titties are still in the prime of life, like they were back in the 90s. A sensational marriage and split up with Brad Pitt and countless celebrity boyfriends from Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, John Mayer up to her current beau Justin Theroux has not changed the condition of her superb titties and attractive nipples. Jennifer Aniston’s racy teat pics are evidence that her beautiful hooters are forever young, thanks a lot God!

jennifer aniston poking nipples

Just check out this week’s photo updates as they expose the poking nips of this Hollywood cougar while on set of her most recent movie “We Are the Millers”. The North Carolina weather conditions, which is where the movie is being shot, proves too much for her youthful and still killer rack, and the humidity gave her teats a jolt as it poked underneath her white tank top. I’m told she plays a call girl of some sort on this movie and for a chick of her age; Jennifer is really making it look easy to look like a call girl.

jennifer aniston nipple slip

The sexy photos of Jennifer Aniston and her excited teats during her location shoot, where she’s wearing super scrimpy denim short pants makes up for that unglamorous facial expression! Who needs a pretty smile if you have Jennifer Aniston’s taut nipples and cougar curves to gawk on right? Her time tested nips are distracting enough to make us dismiss Jennifer’s angry muppet look.

Alessandra Ambrosio cameltoe

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

alessandra ambrosio cameltoe

We witnessed Alessandra leaving the yoga center with her yoga mat, tight pants and her camel toe poppin’ out. Indeed, Alessandra Ambrosio’s cameltoe is so prominent and I wonder why she’s just not too conscious about it. I can’t blame her though,everyone has the right for some freewill…she doesn’t have to be professional all the time.

alessandra ambrosio cameltoe pic

If you still don’t know, Alessandra Ambrosio is a certified MILF already. It seems not obvious though because her body is still Victoria’s Secret-worthy and we’ve seen her flaunting it during Victoria Secret Angels shows.

alessandra ambrosio pussy cameltoe

I would like to thank Alessandra for giving us a chance to capture a good angle out of her vagina cameltoe. With these pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio’s cameltoe, you could fantasize yourself sliding your penis in between before proceeding to an intensive hot fucking…sky’s the limit!

January Jones camel toe

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

january jones cameltoe

The hottie star of Mad Men, January Jones bares her cameltoe with her tight spandex as she goes out and about in town. In the picture above,she seems happy thinking somebody is taking some time to capture her protruding cunt.

january jones cameltoe

January Jones’ pussy must be puffy as hell and shaved completely bare in order to suck her spandex this far into her vaginal lips. She may be already a MILF but January Jones is doing a smash-bang job of keeping herself in tip-top shape.

january jones cameltoe

I don’t know what it is I love so much about seeing a celebrity with a wardrobe malfunction down below but I do. And I have to be really thankful for that for I got lucky enough to see the brighter side of things and that’s what I get—January Jones showing her puffy pussy.

Miranda Kerr’s body screened at LAX

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

miranda kerr shows some skin

Our resident paparazzi’s camera lens has caught Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr getting her body screened in Lax. Miranda Kerr is only wearing clothes that are suitable on the bed. I know it isn’t right, but I think I’m horny with Miranda Kerr. And with that, I mean I want to enclose her in my arms, kiss her dimpled cheek, and then bang her so hard with my stiff dick.

miranda kerr body screening

Well, you can’t really blame me. Miranda Kerr radiates sex appeal wherever she goes. Here she is sort of submitting herself in the hands of the authorities. Hmmm they might be even luckier if they get their security-hands check her body. But I still can’t help but think of Miranda’s husband as even luckier…he’s able to spank Miranda Kerr’s sweet ass when they fuck whenever they want.

miranda kerr sexy back

I know there is nothing special about these photos of Miranda Kerr ,but I just love her raunchy skin and figure. Her eyes are so gentle and natural that makes you smile even more.This Victoria Secret supermodel has raunchy booty and in this pajama-like pants she showed us that. Hot as hell yet casual.

Gisele Bundchen asking for a gang bang

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen. Do I still have to say more for an introduction?

Gisele Bundchen

This hot Brazilian MILF supermodel who did Victoria’s Secret runway shows was no stranger to baring her silky smooth body in public. Which is why, in a recent photoshoot in St. Barts, she had no problem changing clothes in the back of a van in front of other people and the (God bless them!) paps. Who wouldn’t have wanted to just gang up on those juicy pair of chesticles and rub up that smoking sexy ass? I’ve always had dreams of sticking my cock up that shaved pussy and have her scream and moan in that heavily accented bedroom voice of hers.

Gisele Bundchen

And while I massage away my fantasies, here are some nude photos of Gisele Bundchen changing in public for your eyes to feast on. Enjoy.

Coco brings her ass-exposing to the catwalk

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Coco Austin

Will you look at that, a non-twitter picture of Coco. No difference though, she still found a way to keep the back entrance open for business. But you won’t hear me complaining, I love a woman who knows her ass is a more profitable investment than any other part of her body. And to us lovers of the ass, Coco gives a little something extra by showing off her huge racks too. Where was this fashion show and why wasn’t I invited???

Coco Austin

I just love what Coco wore in these ass-exposing pictures of her. Such a smart way of making sure her giant ass still covers half of the frame, and the other with her tits. I bet you she received a standing ovation just for that little trick… and possibly for nothing else. Let’s be real here, we’re all just here to get a piece of Coco’s ass, aren’t we?

Coco Austin

Some chicks would find it insulting when all guys see of you is a pair of butt cheeks in need of a good spanking, but Coco knows that’s the best compliment ever. Having a thousand guys fantasize about pounding their cocks in that ass of hers motivates Coco to post more pictures of her huge ass, so keep worshipping Coco’s bare booty to keep them, and yourself, coming.

Demi Moore tweets her tits

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Demi Moore

So when we were all happy busting our nuts over the Megan Foxes and Miranda Kerrs of the world, Demi Moore decides to shine a light on us by tweeting pictures of her tight and fine lady abs. How could anyone forget about  Demi Moore? She’s got the body of a perfectly sculpted fuck doll, the sex drive of an insatiable cougar, and a pussy that’s hungry for cock twenty years younger her age. I guess somebody as sexy and divine as Demi Moore sometimes has to stoop low via Twitter to make sure her ass stays relevant… in 140 characters or less.

Demi Moore

So while Ashton Kutcher is cheating on this hot piece of pussy (and what a fucking jerkwad he is), let’s all take a moment to redirect our cocks, aim at Demi Moore’s naked pictures, and pop the cum on her tits, her shaved pussy, and her tight abs like froth from an uncorked champagne. Because something as sexy as seeing a hot chick nearly naked and practically begging for a fuck is worth celebrating for.

Demi Moore