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Marica Pellegrinelli Bikini Backside Candids In Miami

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Check out the imported girl featured on today’s edition of Celebrity Spanker! Here’s Marica Pellegrinelli as she struts her luscious booby body in a tiny bikini which also shows a large chunk of her ass hanging out! This Italian model is taking a dip somewhere along the Miami coast and besides the fact that this celebrity model is from Italy and that her body is simply amazing in tiny bikinis. I don’t have anything else to say about this wild nympho from the EU. So while I do some research about here, enjoy these smoking hot bikini snapshots of Marica Pellegrinelli!

Unlike her British and American counterparts, this model isn’t all about tiny knockers and lean bodies. Marica Pellegrinelli is one Italian bombshell with a body to die for. Actually the correct term is this slut have hooters to die for. I mean holy crap, just look at those monster jugs! Marica Pellegrinelli’s tiny bikini in these photos can barely hold those immense boobies!

Hold on a sec, I just learned that this Italian celeb is already a mom, and my oh my she’s the true and perfect example of what MILFs should look like. Personally, I like Marica Pellegrinelli face and tits but what comes below that isn’t really my thing. She’s a bit skinny on the waist and her thighs look like they’ve seen better days. Still, Marica Pellegrinelli booby bikini photos are worth spanking on to. I’m not complaining about her fugly bottom half, not complaining at all. If you want to see more of Marica Pellegrinelli and a huge selection of other Hollywood and foriegn celebrities getting exposed in gorgeous, slutty and even in lewd images and vids, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

Gemma Atkinson Bootylicious Tiny Bikini Candids In The Caribbean

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Gemma Atkinson big boobs abd ass in a tiny bikini pics

Spank you tools until it gets raw with this week’s hard-core celebrity candids from Celebrity Spanker! Check out hot celeb Gemma Atkinson while she heats up the beaches of Aruba wearing a very sultry ebony bikini! There are a lot going on these candid bikini photographs of the booby celeb. But unfortunately her giant knockers didn’t popped out of that bikini top, given that the celebrity whore was walking around along the shore without her straps on. What a tease! But even without any wardrobe malfunction, these bikini pictures of Gemma Atkinson are still damn fine! Besides her strapless bikini antics, you’ll also enjoy the sensual Gemma Atkinson as the paparazzi snapped her down on all fours and looking like the celebrity slut is aching to have her twat taken doggy style. Is she trying to catch a surfe without a surfboard? Or is Gemma Atkinson looking for her lost tampon? Whatever the reasons are, the celeb looks like she’s doing a porn shoot… and we likey likey!

Gemma Atkinson on all fours while in a tiny black bikini

The Casualty star looks absolutely gorgeous and her shapely curves just looks fabulous under the Aruban sun. Her simple black bikini doesn’t look simple on that immense knockers, yummy butt and leggy body combo. For someone who is just 27 years old, the young celeb is all woman and prime proof of that are these super hard-core snaps of Gemma Atkinson.

Gemma Atkinson bootylicious black bikini candids in Aruba

I bet the beachcomber on this Carribean beach were having a field day. I bet you men looking at her photographs are as well as you cocks! Enjoy more alluring snaps of this English TV star slash lingerie model inside Celebrity Spanker! Sign up today and get the latest celebrity scandals to spank on!

Ali Landry Shamelessly Flaunts Her Big Mommy Butt While Surfing

Monday, October 8th, 2012

Ali Landry is a hot surfing MILF

Celebrity Spanker brings us yet another spanking celeb rear end to enjoy for this week’s edition of skan worthy celebrity sexiness! Here are sensuous surfing snapshots of MILF celeb Ali Landy as she shows off that sparkling rear end cheeks while honing her surfing skills. Celebrity, MILF and surfing doesn’t always look good together, but this former Ms. Usa slash model slash actress and the ultimate Dorito girl pulls it off. Her celeb MILF ass just looks good on that tiny thong and seeing her tits down on the board paddling like crazy is the reason for my constant erection this Monday morning.

MILF Ali Landry flashing her butt in thong bikinis

Her roles in Repli-Kate and Who’s Your Daddy? is dead spot, this MILF has an ass that gives her the right to play the role of the most sexually fantasized cougar on Earth! This celebrity mommy is just one year shy of her 40th birthday, but her ass still looks perky and just damn delicious. These sexy photos of booty gifted and also big busted Ali Landry caught the mommy celeb with her ass up, soaking wet and shining under the sund as she paddles her board to catch a wave. Now if we can only see this celeb face up laying on the board with her hot boobs pointing straight to the sky.

Ali Landry shows off her big butt while surfing

I just can’t make up my mind on what is hotter, Ali Landry’s celebrity asshole faced up on the board or her large boobs crushed while she’s paddling the surf board. Oh the trivial things I get myself into. But scratch that, just enjoy the snapshots! To see more of her and boat loads of other burning burning hot celebrity photos and videos worthy to spank on, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

Liz Parada’s bikini smoking hot body

Thursday, June 10th, 2010


With a fuckable hot body like this, any chick shouldn’t worry if she lacks in the looks department because any guy with a cock would sure as fuck beat his dick raw over naked pics of that hoe. Liz Parada’s bikini body is exactly what I want to see waiting for me at the beach. Her hot ebony skin would sure glisten in the sun and it would make me want to rip her bikinis off, spread her legs and her dark pussy lips and bury my face in there.


Ofcourse like a horny ebony chick, she would scream wildly in orgasm then I would ram my stiff dick in Liz Paranda’s pussy that is already soaking with her juice and fuck her guts out. Damn…I got carried away with these sex fantasies I have of her. But really, can you blame a horny bastard who has a fetish for ridiculously hot black chicks like this one?


Miranda Kerr bikini pics

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

I know it isn’t right, but I think I’m in love with Miranda Kerr. And with that, I mean I want to enclose her in my arms, kiss her dimpled cheek, and then bang her so hard with my stiff cock.

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

Well, you can’t really blame me. This girl radiates sex appeal wherever she goes. Here she was on a yacth with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom while they were spending New Year together. Well, how lucky is that fucking bastard for being able to spank Miranda’s sweet ass when they fuck. I just wish he drown on that sea where they were, so I can kidnap Miranda and do all those hardcore stuff on her.

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

Miranda, call me! I even did a photo montage of all your hot bikini pics, even the topless ones! Take a look, I have them here!

Sienna Miller is back on with Jude Law

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Sienna Miller and Jude Law in Barbados

Okay. Let’s jog our memory first before moving on to the main story. Hot MILF Sienna Miller and  Jude Law used to be an engaged couple, well, before Jude Law screwed things up and had sex with his children’s nanny. This happened way back in 2005, and since the couple went their separate ways, they each had relationships and affairs with other people, which, by the way, all hit the skids.

Sienna Miller and Jude Law in Barbados

Now, these two have been seen and photographed together often again. The most recent was their beach trip to Barbados, where the couple was also seen with Jude’s kids. And of course, we can only conclude that these two are back together again. It’s not like they just bump into each other all the time right? What a no-brainer question.

Sienna Miller and Jude Law in Barbados

Well, that’s means congratulations to Jude Law for being so lucky that he can bang the gorgeous Sienna Miller anytime he wants again. She was hot and sultry as always in their paparazzi pics. I can’t say the same for Jude, though.

Anyway, there are more of Sienna Miller’s bikini pics if you want, so don’t hesitate to drop by here!

Carrie Underwood bikini pics

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Carrie Underwood bikini pics

Country singer Carrie Underwood recently got engaged to her hockey player boyfriend Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators. The singer’s boyfriend confirmed the engagement himself saying he and Carrie “are both obviously excited and very happy.” Carrie even showed up in the Dec 21 hockey game flashing her precious engagement ring.

Carrie Underwood bikini pics

Yeah, but that’s not the real news. The more important part of this post are Carrie Underwood’s bikini pics! Isn’t that hot news or what? Who knew that the virginal Carrie would go out her house 80% naked? Ha. For sure a lot of male admirers of Carrie Underwood jerked off immediately as soon as they set their eyes on the hot almost-naked bikini bod of Ms. Underwood.

Carrie Underwood bikini pics

More Carrie Underwood bikini pics? Visit this place here and get your fix!