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Lea Michele Learns To Flaunt Her Bosom And Sideboobs

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Lea Michele gives a peek at her nice breasts

Here’s another spank worthy celebrity sighting from Celebrity Spanker! It’s Glee sensation Lea Michele going out and about doing her groceries and looking just so adorable and bubbly. To tell you the truth, I reall haven’t noticed this TV star before she declared to the whole world that she’s turning into a strict vegan. Probably because her juggs are not as nice as they are now. It seems that being vegan is making this celeb’s knockers look tastier. Check out the hot cleavage and sideboob photographs of Lea Michele below!

Lea Michele and her tiny sideboobsLea-Michele showing off her nice cleavage

Being devoted to the vegan diet made this singer slash TV actress look more delicious to the eyes. Her vegan lifestyle has rewarded her with glowing skin, fabulous figure and what seems to be a firmer set of jugs. No wonder Lea Michelle’s been showing off her cleavage and sideboobs just like in these pictures! The celeb is always crouching and going bra-less nowadays. Okay it’s not that big big, but this celebrity’s boobies are just perfectly adequate! Just like small chocolate kisses we love nibbling on!

Lea Michele wering no bars while doing her chores

Looking at these alluring candid photos of Lea Michelle while she’s showing off her cleavy and hot curves, the celebrity seems to enjoy whoring herself to the paparazzi. That smile and flirty vibes is a welcome sight and helpful distraction… away from her epic nose. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it! Enjoy more of this Glee star and tons more of the latest celeb’s hottest scandals when you visit Celebrity Spanker!

Brit Porno Star Kitty Lea Baring Her Big Tits And Groin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Kitty Lea wearing a slutty outfit with garters and pantyhose

Celebrity Spanker is giving us something worthwhile to wank on for the first week of September. Have a blast with the busty nude photos of Kitty Lea! If you don’t know this celebrity chick, Kitty Lea is a UK based cyber girl who loves showing off her body and does she have the right to do so! Just check out the boobs on these bare photos of Kitty Lea, her titties are just fine and delectable!

kitty lea topless and panty-less for a magazine

Okay, calling Kitty Lea a UK cyber celeb is just not right. She’s a porn babe from England. A hot porn babe for that matter! This British hottie is showing off her luscious body and exposing her busty tits and that plump pussy for Blue Bird Magazine, one of the hottest adult magazine that showcases the hottest and naugthiest babes all over the British Isles. They stay true to their claim of featuring the hottest babes with this month’s issue, having Kitty Lea’s bare boobed photos while this celebrity slut is wearing a kinky costume as cover.

Kitty Lea  and her nice ass crack exposed

I don’t know what this UK porn celeb is trying to be on these hot photos, but I like it! She’s wearing nothing but a pair of laced up red pantyhose, a necktie with collar around her neck and that crimson red gypsy hat on top of her horny face. These racy photos of Kitty Lea gives us great views of her perfect hooters and nipples and also a glimpse of her naked groin! Sweet lord! For more of this UK celebrity slut’s nude photos and other spank worthy celebrity scandals, head on over at Celebrity Spanker, and get your hands on the latest and sexiest Hollywood celebrity scandals!

Tara Reid topless pics

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve seen Tara Reid looking hot. That’s not being mean or anything, I was just saying the truth. But to be fair to the actress who is struggling for employment as of now, she indeed looked hot in this topless photoshoot. With her dark eyes, just-got-out-of-bed hair, hot lingeries, and of course, her big tits.


Well, of course, we know 100% that these are the products of a skillful photoshop session. Come on, Tara’s boobs in real life don’t look like this. We know for a fact that her boob job years back made her boobs look droopy and her nipples like pepperoni.


But okay, nonetheless, right here is where you can find the rest of Tara Reid’s topless pics.

Mila Kunis deep cleavage pics

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Mila Kunis deep cleavage

Everybody seems to have bigger boobs these days, and hottie actress Mila Kunis is no exception. Well, these deep cleavage pics got everyone asking if Mila had a boob job or something because her tits are significantly big. Or did she acquire magical wonder bras like the ones Paris Hilton have to achieve her seemingly full breasts?

Mila Kunis deep cleavage

Well, if there’s anyone happy about this “improvement” in Mila Kunis’ body, then that person is no other than Macaulay Culkin, her boyfriend since 2002. And that Macaulay is indeed lucky to have a girl like Mila as his girlfriend, not only because she is hot, but also because she has good-looking tits, at least, at this instance.

Mila Kunis deep cleavage

Anyway, drop by here at CelebritySpanker to get more Mila Kunis paparazzi pics and nudes.

Paris Hilton’s magical boobs return

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Paris Hilton big tits

Did party girl and attention whore Paris Hilton get a boob job or something? Because her tits looked a lot bigger than before in these set of pics taken by the paparazzi who were following her and her boyfriend while strolling around in LA. If she didn’t get one, then it must be her magical wonder bra in the works again!

Paris Hilton big tits

Well, of course, I like her better with bigger boobs. So why can’t her tits make up their mind already as to being big or flat? Come on, tits! You know Paris doesn’t have a lot of brain power to solve this shit, so you better make the decision yourselves.

Paris Hilton big tits

If you want to see the evolution of Paris Hilton’s magical tits, then visit this place here!

Hayden Panettiere’s boobs look bigger

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Hayden Panettiere bikini pics

Did Heroes star Hayden Panettiere get an boob job? That, or her tits magically swelled a cup size overnight. Or she must have worn really good push-up bra. I don’t know, but she definitely looked hot wearing that pink bikini (with bigger boobs) when she was in Miami a couple of days ago.

Hayden Panettiere bikini pics

And… and… I know this wouldn’t be a surprise but, apart from her yummy tits, Hayden also brought with her a probable new boyfriend in her vacation in Miami. The giant, oh I mean, man, was Ukranian boxer Wladimir Klitschk. We all know Hayden likes older men, but come on! They look like David and Goliath together.

Hayden Panettiere bikini pics

Okay. Okay. Let’s just leave Hayden be to her fetishes. Instead let’s just hammer on her boobs, and on how she rocked that pink bikini. Anyway, click here for more of Hayden’s sexy pics!