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Gemma Atkinson Bootylicious Tiny Bikini Candids In The Caribbean

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Gemma Atkinson big boobs abd ass in a tiny bikini pics

Spank you tools until it gets raw with this week’s hard-core celebrity candids from Celebrity Spanker! Check out hot celeb Gemma Atkinson while she heats up the beaches of Aruba wearing a very sultry ebony bikini! There are a lot going on these candid bikini photographs of the booby celeb. But unfortunately her giant knockers didn’t popped out of that bikini top, given that the celebrity whore was walking around along the shore without her straps on. What a tease! But even without any wardrobe malfunction, these bikini pictures of Gemma Atkinson are still damn fine! Besides her strapless bikini antics, you’ll also enjoy the sensual Gemma Atkinson as the paparazzi snapped her down on all fours and looking like the celebrity slut is aching to have her twat taken doggy style. Is she trying to catch a surfe without a surfboard? Or is Gemma Atkinson looking for her lost tampon? Whatever the reasons are, the celeb looks like she’s doing a porn shoot… and we likey likey!

Gemma Atkinson on all fours while in a tiny black bikini

The Casualty star looks absolutely gorgeous and her shapely curves just looks fabulous under the Aruban sun. Her simple black bikini doesn’t look simple on that immense knockers, yummy butt and leggy body combo. For someone who is just 27 years old, the young celeb is all woman and prime proof of that are these super hard-core snaps of Gemma Atkinson.

Gemma Atkinson bootylicious black bikini candids in Aruba

I bet the beachcomber on this Carribean beach were having a field day. I bet you men looking at her photographs are as well as you cocks! Enjoy more alluring snaps of this English TV star slash lingerie model inside Celebrity Spanker! Sign up today and get the latest celebrity scandals to spank on!

British Celebrity Cutie Lucy Pinder Posed Topless And In Sexy Lingeries

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Lucy Pinder puts on an amazing boob show

Burning hot for some star bitches to spank on to? Let this beautiful snapshots from Celebrity Spanker fix that craving! It showcases super beautiful and high quality photographs of the sultry British celeb Lucy Pinder while baring her boobs and posing like a sexy stripper! The brunette star exposed her massive knockers in their full naked glory for a lingerie collection or a men’s mag, or both, I’m not quite sure. Those big boobies out in the open is just too distracting. The busty British model posed in various nighties. But the hottest photos of Lucy Pinder are those where she’s wearing a very sensuous ebony dress.

Lucy Pinder baring her amazing big boobs

Whether you are a tit lover or just fancy celebs posing like alluring nymphos, these lingerie and topless photos of Lucy Pinder will have your pricks rock solid and ready to blast. Especially when you see this cutie squeeze and grope those healthy set of jugs! From hot photographs of her sweet cleavage, to her sweet boob play and full boob exposure, this UK celebrity just proves that luscious women are way hotter than those tiny titted slim teens.

Lucy Pinder hot big bare boob photos

If you enjoyed Brit celeb’s Lucy Pinder whoring out her big fat breasts and acting like a slutty flirt, check out Celebrity Spanker for more scorching hot spank worthy celeb scandals!

Lea Michele Learns To Flaunt Her Bosom And Sideboobs

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Lea Michele gives a peek at her nice breasts

Here’s another spank worthy celebrity sighting from Celebrity Spanker! It’s Glee sensation Lea Michele going out and about doing her groceries and looking just so adorable and bubbly. To tell you the truth, I reall haven’t noticed this TV star before she declared to the whole world that she’s turning into a strict vegan. Probably because her juggs are not as nice as they are now. It seems that being vegan is making this celeb’s knockers look tastier. Check out the hot cleavage and sideboob photographs of Lea Michele below!

Lea Michele and her tiny sideboobsLea-Michele showing off her nice cleavage

Being devoted to the vegan diet made this singer slash TV actress look more delicious to the eyes. Her vegan lifestyle has rewarded her with glowing skin, fabulous figure and what seems to be a firmer set of jugs. No wonder Lea Michelle’s been showing off her cleavage and sideboobs just like in these pictures! The celeb is always crouching and going bra-less nowadays. Okay it’s not that big big, but this celebrity’s boobies are just perfectly adequate! Just like small chocolate kisses we love nibbling on!

Lea Michele wering no bars while doing her chores

Looking at these alluring candid photos of Lea Michelle while she’s showing off her cleavy and hot curves, the celebrity seems to enjoy whoring herself to the paparazzi. That smile and flirty vibes is a welcome sight and helpful distraction… away from her epic nose. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it! Enjoy more of this Glee star and tons more of the latest celeb’s hottest scandals when you visit Celebrity Spanker!

Brit Porno Star Kitty Lea Baring Her Big Tits And Groin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Kitty Lea wearing a slutty outfit with garters and pantyhose

Celebrity Spanker is giving us something worthwhile to wank on for the first week of September. Have a blast with the busty nude photos of Kitty Lea! If you don’t know this celebrity chick, Kitty Lea is a UK based cyber girl who loves showing off her body and does she have the right to do so! Just check out the boobs on these bare photos of Kitty Lea, her titties are just fine and delectable!

kitty lea topless and panty-less for a magazine

Okay, calling Kitty Lea a UK cyber celeb is just not right. She’s a porn babe from England. A hot porn babe for that matter! This British hottie is showing off her luscious body and exposing her busty tits and that plump pussy for Blue Bird Magazine, one of the hottest adult magazine that showcases the hottest and naugthiest babes all over the British Isles. They stay true to their claim of featuring the hottest babes with this month’s issue, having Kitty Lea’s bare boobed photos while this celebrity slut is wearing a kinky costume as cover.

Kitty Lea  and her nice ass crack exposed

I don’t know what this UK porn celeb is trying to be on these hot photos, but I like it! She’s wearing nothing but a pair of laced up red pantyhose, a necktie with collar around her neck and that crimson red gypsy hat on top of her horny face. These racy photos of Kitty Lea gives us great views of her perfect hooters and nipples and also a glimpse of her naked groin! Sweet lord! For more of this UK celebrity slut’s nude photos and other spank worthy celebrity scandals, head on over at Celebrity Spanker, and get your hands on the latest and sexiest Hollywood celebrity scandals!

Rose McGowan Sucking A Mystery Guys Tongue In Public

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

rose mcgowan exposed tits

Okay it is now official. We can safely say that someone is currently banging Rose McGowan. The cameras caught the 38 year old Hollywood chick at Gelson’s Supermarket in the Socal area. The paparazzi thought she was just acting like her usual self, strutting her fine celeb body and out and about while wearing a see through shirt which exposes her sweet bras and tits. See just how sweet they are on Rose McGowan’s sexy pics on this update.

rose mcgowan titties out in public

The paparazzi followed her and took some sexy snaps of this celebrity hottie while she bought some stuff. But out of the blue, our stalked Hollywood celeb suddenly stopped at some food stall to hook up with this bearded guy. For the past couple of months, there are frequent sightings of Rose McGowan and everyone thought she hasn’t been getting it in the sack because of her single status. But according to these candid pictures of Rose McGowan, she’s letting a dweeb with ugly hair fuck her tight body. I mean, dude who has highlights nowadays? Even the former members of Back Street Boys won’t be caught dead sporting a ‘do like that!

rose mcgowan sex photos

I don’t know if Rose McGowan is just this desperate to get laid, but girl, you can do much better. Well you have to give it to this celeb, she used to date Marylin Manson, compared to that freak Rose McGowan’s current fuck partner looks decent. I just don’t get it, why someone so hot and sexy like Rose McGowan let idiots like this stud hold their tits, eat their pussies and fuck them silly! While I ponder on that, enjoy Rose McGowan’s see through tits on these snapshots. If you want to see more spank worthy celeb scandals, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

Demi Lovato Flashes Her Meaty Cleavage

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

demi lovato cleavage

Teen hottie Demi Lovato’s transition from clean-cut starlet to being another casuality of the Disney child star curse appears to be complete. Oh yeah, check out these pics showing teen slut Demi flashes her meaty cleavage while selfshooting! Demi blows her once squeaky-clean image to smithereens when the racy photos of the actress posing seductively emerged on Twitter.

demi lovato lesbian pics
In one picture, Demi — surrounded by three female friends — can be seen showing off her cleavage as a backup dancer takes a closer look of her assets. A seemingly shocked young man looks on in the background. The other photo shows another hanger-on hugging Demi from behind while Demi touches the girl’s cheek with her tongue while tugging at her top, once again revealing her cleavage. Hooray for cleavage shots!

demi lovato scandal pics
These shot was apparently taken before Demi entered a suburban Illinois rehab facility to deal with “physical and emotional issues.” To see more of alluring Demi Lovato flashing her meaty cleavage, head on over to Celebrity Spankers!

Olivia Munn: Naughty by nature

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Olivia Munn covers Complex

Well, that’s the title of Complex Magazine’s April 2010 issue featuring the hottest geek in Hollywood, Olivia Munn. In the magazine issue, Olivia Munn was surrounded by illustration of wild animals, brought to life by Marvel Comics illustrators Mike Choi and Sonia Oback. Olivia detailed that the magazine “put me on a unicorn, and put a beaver between my legs.” There were also pics of her with snakes a la Eve on the Garden of Eden.

Olivia Munn covers Complex

Olivia kicked off her career as a Hollywood celebrity and a full time geek on the show, Attack of the Show on G4, which reviews new technological items, parodies, pop culture, general daily news, and gives exclusive previews of upcoming and highly anticipated video games, movies and digital media. You wouldn’t think a girl this hot would have an affinity towards all those geeky stuff, but she admitted she is a real geek in person. Yeah, she’s all that, plus, as implied by Complex, she is indeed naughty by nature. Chris Pine is one lucky guy.

Olivia Munn covers Complex

Well, check out more hot photos of Olivia Munn here!

So is Jessica Biel single yet or what?

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Jessica Biel hot pics

There have been rumors circulating since last year that former 7th Heaven star Jessica Biel and her long time boyfriend, popstar Justin Timberlake, have already broken up . But both parties have yet to confirm or deny anything. The only thing that gives us hope that the gorgeous Jessica is already single is the fact that the two haven’t been seen nor photographed together for a long time.

Jessica Biel hot pics

Now, though as much as we want Jessica to be single and available, I highly doubt it that Justin would ever let her go, unless he isn’t in a stable state of mind. I cannot put to words how hot Jessica Biel is, clothed, much more naked. The curves of her smokin’ bod are just perfect. With arms and legs that are toned from all the work-out and marathon, you wouldn’t go wrong with this chick. And don’t let me get started mentioning how hot her ass is. And have you checked out her topless performance in Powder Blue as a stripper? Man, though I’ve already seen her tits because she had let them out when she was 17 years old, fresh from all the 7th Heaven tapings, I still get the tingles when I rewind her strip dance scene and watch it over and over. This hot babe just knows how to move, and you can totally see how flexible this chick is on bed. Lucky bastard that Justin Timberlake is. Anyway, just go ahead and drop by here if you want more of Jessica Biel. We’ve got tons of her hot pics and nude vids!

Jessica Biel topless