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Miranda Kerr Acting Like A Flirt While Butt Naked And Covered In Oil

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Miranda Kerr exposing every inch of her bare body

Here’s another celebrity slut worth spanking on for this week’s edition of Celebrity Spanker. Actually, these butt naked photos of Miranda Kerr isn’t just spank worthy, it’s a must spank on!  I know, we have been getting major stiffies from influx of lingerie and bikini photos of this Victoria Secret angel and one of fashion world’s top super models.  But photos of Miranda Kerr baring it all, with every inch of her body lathered in oil and the fact that she’s flashing her sexy naughty smile while doing so, is pretty rare. Rare!

Miranda Kerr oiled up and butt naked for a French guy

The Aussie super model gladly and naughtily flaunted her butt naked body for a French guy! We salute the dude for these classy but still raunchy nudie photos of Miranda Kerr. We only hope that he shares his secret, we haven’t seen this fashion super star acting as cheeky as she is while wearing absolutely nothing. This runway celebrity is behaving like a horny and very flirtatious slut, grinning and giggling in all of her poses. Heck, even the photos of Miranda Kerr’s stiff nipples proves that this babe is getting excited in front of the lucky Frenchie. So dude, be  pal, share your knowledge!

Miranda Kerr butt naked and with stiff nipples

The nude and flirtatious photos of Miranda Kerr isn’t the first time this celeb was caught wearing nothing in front of the cams. She also bare her naked hotness for a men’s mag, the 2010 edition of Pirelli and who can forget those preggy nude pics. But among all of them, this set tops them all. I don’t know if its Miranda Kerr’s perky boobs and stiff nipples combo or her oily butt crack pictures, but this black and white glam shot is explicit to the eyes. Explicit in a good way, and even if they all say that black and white is art, that is still Miranda Kerr butt naked and acting like she’s ready to hit climax!

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Brit Porno Star Kitty Lea Baring Her Big Tits And Groin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Kitty Lea wearing a slutty outfit with garters and pantyhose

Celebrity Spanker is giving us something worthwhile to wank on for the first week of September. Have a blast with the busty nude photos of Kitty Lea! If you don’t know this celebrity chick, Kitty Lea is a UK based cyber girl who loves showing off her body and does she have the right to do so! Just check out the boobs on these bare photos of Kitty Lea, her titties are just fine and delectable!

kitty lea topless and panty-less for a magazine

Okay, calling Kitty Lea a UK cyber celeb is just not right. She’s a porn babe from England. A hot porn babe for that matter! This British hottie is showing off her luscious body and exposing her busty tits and that plump pussy for Blue Bird Magazine, one of the hottest adult magazine that showcases the hottest and naugthiest babes all over the British Isles. They stay true to their claim of featuring the hottest babes with this month’s issue, having Kitty Lea’s bare boobed photos while this celebrity slut is wearing a kinky costume as cover.

Kitty Lea  and her nice ass crack exposed

I don’t know what this UK porn celeb is trying to be on these hot photos, but I like it! She’s wearing nothing but a pair of laced up red pantyhose, a necktie with collar around her neck and that crimson red gypsy hat on top of her horny face. These racy photos of Kitty Lea gives us great views of her perfect hooters and nipples and also a glimpse of her naked groin! Sweet lord! For more of this UK celebrity slut’s nude photos and other spank worthy celebrity scandals, head on over at Celebrity Spanker, and get your hands on the latest and sexiest Hollywood celebrity scandals!

Rhian Sugden nude photos

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

rhian sugden topless

Here are some photos of Rhian Sugden shirtless posing for her 2012 calendar photoshoot. And you know what, that skinny big tittied blonde thing is completely HOT! Something tells me she has one big step towards pornography. Okay, yeah, well maybe not that hardcore. But judging from the way she’s been acting, she’s actually showing symptoms of wanting to get into the industry, isn’t she?

rhian sugden nude photo

Seeing Rhian Sugden’s big melons and ass is absolutely breath-taking…in reality we’ve jerked off a few times already upon seeing just one pic of her. And God knows how much more cum will spurt out of our hard cocks once we blow up the pics where she’s showing off her tits. Good thing though, she was wise enough to parade her huge tits in public.

rhian sugden topless pics

Well, we’ll just have to wait one more year boys. Pretty sure Rhian Sugden can do so much better than just being topless, and self-shooting. Let’s cross our fingers, a Rhian Sugden sextape will finally leak out by then. Or more sextapes. But while we wait, let’s settle for the teasing she does every now and then.

Olivia Wilde walking braless

Friday, June 8th, 2012

olivia wilde braless

The hottie that we all fantasize at House MD will surely drive you nuts as we give you pictures of Olivia Wilde walking down the street bra-less. You know how celebs could be dumb when they thought that wearing shades could conceal their identity. That’s just one mistake that Olivia Wilde did but other than that, she just put on a thin-layered dress without any underwear underneath it. I guess maybe she’s just in a hurry.

olivia wilde perky nipples

Mmmm look at Olivia Wilde’s boobs…don’t you just wish you are in the place of Emil Hirsch when he licks on Olivia Wilde’s boobs in the movie The Alpha Dog? I bet you do! A bit off-topic here but if you watched that movie,you should know then and there that Olivia Wilde got disappointed to Emil Hirsch because Olivia Wilde wants to get fucked but Emil got a lame-ass dick. Oh well…why not just slide that dick of yours in between Olivia Wilde’s boobs?

olivia wilde side boobs

I’m very thankful for our paparazzi for this impromptu pictures of Olivia Wilde wearing no bra as her nipples protrude. It ain’t bad at all for getting wild over Olivia Wilde like an animal breaking out of its domestication and chooses its wild instincts instead. So come on in and feast on more of Olivia Wilde’s nude pictures!

Sophie Howard’s tits begging to be sucked

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Sophie Howard

What I dig about these Catholic School chicks is that once they’re out of that uniform, they give the best fuck ever. Take it from this English cunt Sophie Howard, who took a job as a stripper once she got out of the school.

Sophie Howard

“I’d go on the stage, dance around a bit, get my tits out, then get off,” was how she described her job as a stripper. And not long after she graced the covers of Maxim, FHM, Nuts and Loaded. And I wouldn’t argue, with boobs like that she deserves all the centerfolds for a year, give or take a couple months. You know she’s a chick who loves her tits fucked like there’s no tomorrow. I’d love to rub those big tits with my hands and suck on those nice pink nips as well. And those huge bazongas of hers deserve the hardest biggest penis and I know mine will suffice.

Sophie Howard

But you can go ahead jerking off with all these naked pictures of Sophie Howard. And let’s all hope she finishes that degree in nursing she took and wear that tight fit nurse’s uniform so we can fulfill our fantasies of fucking a hot nurse on the hospital bed sometime.

Alyson Michalka is a vampire french maid slut

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Alyson Michalka

Halloween has already come and gone but these images of Alyson Michalka dressed as a kinky vampire french maid has not left my mind since. This talented singer-song-writer-dancer-actress has already left my mouth hanging with her killer cheerdance moves in Hellcats, so she really didn’t have to do this much effort looking sexy for Halloween.

Alyson Michalka

But I’m pretty thankful she did. Now, I have a mindful of images fucking her in her schoolgirl outfit, in her cheerleader uniform, and in a vampire french maid costume. I will tug on that garter till it comes off and slowly strip off that black and white lace she has on. And i’ll definitely lick those killer legs till she asks for me to suck her cunt off instead. But of course I would leave her begging for more before grabbing that sexy bum and banging her from the behind.

Alyson Michalka

See, I told you I have a mindful of fantasies of her. And you would too, because Aly has given us access to pictures of that smoking naked body of hers. Go on, have your fill of this slutty triple threat. I wonder though, when people describe her as triple threat, do they mean she can act-sing-dance or suck-blow-fuck? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Anna Chapman’s exposed Russian spy ass

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Anna Chapman

We all have our fantasies of being dominated in the bedroom. Yes? Well who better to play that tale with us than an authentic hot Russian spy? You read that right. What we have here is a gun-slinging, butt-kicking femme fatale going by the name Anna Chapman.

Anna Chapman

Dubbed as The Lady in Red, included in Maxim Russia’s 100 sexiest women, was first a UK citizen before heading to the US to become the CEO of a website selling real estate internationally. Now don’t get me wrong, I love any woman regardless of her profession, but when I am presented with a SPY? Whoa. I’m in for the wild dive. Let me just sit myself on that red chair in her raunchy half-naked pictures and let her do the rest – massage my cock, blow it, gyrate her sexy body slowly while rocking my penis back and forth, moan like there’s no tomorrow… the list goes on.

Anna Chapman

But instead of me having to type out all my fantasies for you to get a headstart on your masturbation, why don’t you just go on to these yummy lingerie pictures of Anna Chapman? You had better not miss out on that fully rounded bum and that tasty pair of jugs. Who ever thought of sending her back to Russia? Cocktease!

Erin Heatherton nude is no mirage

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Erin Heatherton

If I’m ever stranded in the desert and I’m hallucinating from the heat, don’t bother with mirages of oases and blocks of ice; I want me some Erin Heatherton, baby! Crawl toward these photos of Erin Heatherton writhing naked in the desert sand, cuddle her, and say she’s saved. Then fucking pin her to the ground and slay her pussy with your penis like she totally wants it (and she totally wants it, otherwise she wouldn’t sit around with her naked ass waiting for a heatstroke to happen).

Erin Heatherton

But seriously, these sexy photos of Erin Heatherton are just priceless. If there’s any way to describe how searing this teen model is, it’s by taking her to the most scorching place in the world and telling her she’s home. I just can’t get enough of staring at the tempting way she’s writhing in the sand, her small titties soiled and in need of a little licking from being in the sun far too long.

Erin Heatherton

What would be hotter is if you pictured yourself lying naked next to Erin Heatherton’s own nude body, fingering her minge out of her hallucination, and making awesome love with her right there in the middle of nowhere. A pussy flowing with orgasm juice is better than any friggin’ oasis.

Larissa Riquelme naked for the soccer boys

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Larissa Riquelme

Remember Larissa Riquelme, that sexy bitch screaming her cunt off in the sidelines during the world cup? She’s back, and she’s go more than just a pair of boobies jiggling in her wake. Here she is, looking quite the opposite from being pumped and high strung during the game, and actually looking quite serene exposing her tits and loose pussy to a pack of soccer boys all struggling to hold themselves from tackling bare ass.

Larissa Riquelme

And who wouldn’t have trouble stopping themselves from sticking it inside Larissa Riquelme’s overused vagina? This South American babe has all the curves in the right places, and, apparently, a vagina that’s so out of place it’s hanging so loose from getting drilled often by the national team. Look closely and you’ll see how spent this chick’s pussy is from getting reamed all the time by adrenaline-fueled soccer players. Yep, Larissa Riquelme knows how to play like a true fangirl; she can sneak past security and be naked dead center in the locker room for the victors way before the match is done.

Larissa Riquelme

So if you’ve tooted your vuvuzuelas in solitude long enough, have a slice of pictures of Larissa Riquelme’s shaved pussy, and have a bit of fun with the slut.

Demi Moore tweets her tits

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Demi Moore

So when we were all happy busting our nuts over the Megan Foxes and Miranda Kerrs of the world, Demi Moore decides to shine a light on us by tweeting pictures of her tight and fine lady abs. How could anyone forget about  Demi Moore? She’s got the body of a perfectly sculpted fuck doll, the sex drive of an insatiable cougar, and a pussy that’s hungry for cock twenty years younger her age. I guess somebody as sexy and divine as Demi Moore sometimes has to stoop low via Twitter to make sure her ass stays relevant… in 140 characters or less.

Demi Moore

So while Ashton Kutcher is cheating on this hot piece of pussy (and what a fucking jerkwad he is), let’s all take a moment to redirect our cocks, aim at Demi Moore’s naked pictures, and pop the cum on her tits, her shaved pussy, and her tight abs like froth from an uncorked champagne. Because something as sexy as seeing a hot chick nearly naked and practically begging for a fuck is worth celebrating for.

Demi Moore