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Lea Michele Learns To Flaunt Her Bosom And Sideboobs

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Lea Michele gives a peek at her nice breasts

Here’s another spank worthy celebrity sighting from Celebrity Spanker! It’s Glee sensation Lea Michele going out and about doing her groceries and looking just so adorable and bubbly. To tell you the truth, I reall haven’t noticed this TV star before she declared to the whole world that she’s turning into a strict vegan. Probably because her juggs are not as nice as they are now. It seems that being vegan is making this celeb’s knockers look tastier. Check out the hot cleavage and sideboob photographs of Lea Michele below!

Lea Michele and her tiny sideboobsLea-Michele showing off her nice cleavage

Being devoted to the vegan diet made this singer slash TV actress look more delicious to the eyes. Her vegan lifestyle has rewarded her with glowing skin, fabulous figure and what seems to be a firmer set of jugs. No wonder Lea Michelle’s been showing off her cleavage and sideboobs just like in these pictures! The celeb is always crouching and going bra-less nowadays. Okay it’s not that big big, but this celebrity’s boobies are just perfectly adequate! Just like small chocolate kisses we love nibbling on!

Lea Michele wering no bars while doing her chores

Looking at these alluring candid photos of Lea Michelle while she’s showing off her cleavy and hot curves, the celebrity seems to enjoy whoring herself to the paparazzi. That smile and flirty vibes is a welcome sight and helpful distraction… away from her epic nose. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it! Enjoy more of this Glee star and tons more of the latest celeb’s hottest scandals when you visit Celebrity Spanker!

Demi Moore tweets her tits

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Demi Moore

So when we were all happy busting our nuts over the Megan Foxes and Miranda Kerrs of the world, Demi Moore decides to shine a light on us by tweeting pictures of her tight and fine lady abs. How could anyone forget about ┬áDemi Moore? She’s got the body of a perfectly sculpted fuck doll, the sex drive of an insatiable cougar, and a pussy that’s hungry for cock twenty years younger her age. I guess somebody as sexy and divine as Demi Moore sometimes has to stoop low via Twitter to make sure her ass stays relevant… in 140 characters or less.

Demi Moore

So while Ashton Kutcher is cheating on this hot piece of pussy (and what a fucking jerkwad he is), let’s all take a moment to redirect our cocks, aim at Demi Moore’s naked pictures, and pop the cum on her tits, her shaved pussy, and her tight abs like froth from an uncorked champagne. Because something as sexy as seeing a hot chick nearly naked and practically begging for a fuck is worth celebrating for.

Demi Moore

Just one more year before Miley does porn

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Miley in hot pink bikini

For all we know, Miley Cyrus can’t wait to be 18, step away from her Disney past and do porn. Okay, yeah, well maybe not that hardcore. But judging from the way she’s been acting, she’s actually showing symptoms of wanting to get into the industry, isn’t she?

Miley Cyrus in Miami Beach

Case in point: Miley Cyrus hitting Miami on Thursday flaunting her almost naked body in front of all the paparazzis in a hot pink bikini. Even if it seems criminal for us to lust over her hot nubile body because she’s only 17, we can only do so much. Like pretend we’re not affected when in reality we’ve jerked off a few times already upon seeing just one pic of her talking on the phone 80 % naked. And God knows how much more cum will spurt out of our hard cocks once we blow up the pics where she’s fondling her tits. In public.

Miley Cyrus in Miami Beach

Well, we’ll just have to wait one more year boys. Pretty sure Miley can do so much better than just running around in a bikini, and self-shooting with just her undies on. Let’s cross our fingers, her naked pics will finally leak out by then, or better yet, a sextape. Or more sextapes. But while we wait, let’s settle for the teasing she does every now and then.