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Lea Michele Learns To Flaunt Her Bosom And Sideboobs

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Lea Michele gives a peek at her nice breasts

Here’s another spank worthy celebrity sighting from Celebrity Spanker! It’s Glee sensation Lea Michele going out and about doing her groceries and looking just so adorable and bubbly. To tell you the truth, I reall haven’t noticed this TV star before she declared to the whole world that she’s turning into a strict vegan. Probably because her juggs are not as nice as they are now. It seems that being vegan is making this celeb’s knockers look tastier. Check out the hot cleavage and sideboob photographs of Lea Michele below!

Lea Michele and her tiny sideboobsLea-Michele showing off her nice cleavage

Being devoted to the vegan diet made this singer slash TV actress look more delicious to the eyes. Her vegan lifestyle has rewarded her with glowing skin, fabulous figure and what seems to be a firmer set of jugs. No wonder Lea Michelle’s been showing off her cleavage and sideboobs just like in these pictures! The celeb is always crouching and going bra-less nowadays. Okay it’s not that big big, but this celebrity’s boobies are just perfectly adequate! Just like small chocolate kisses we love nibbling on!

Lea Michele wering no bars while doing her chores

Looking at these alluring candid photos of Lea Michelle while she’s showing off her cleavy and hot curves, the celebrity seems to enjoy whoring herself to the paparazzi. That smile and flirty vibes is a welcome sight and helpful distraction… away from her epic nose. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it! Enjoy more of this Glee star and tons more of the latest celeb’s hottest scandals when you visit Celebrity Spanker!

Kaya Scodelario’s personal bikini pictures

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Kaya Scodelario

Ever since the British teen drama Skins’ popularity blew up to exaggerated proportions, we’ve been seeing more and more of lovely Kaya Scodelario and her half-Brit, half-Brazilian beauty. We’ve seen her in her panties, hitting up the bad shit and riding cock as the rowdy Effy, but what really goes on in real life for this English lady?

Kaya Scodelario

Good thing she isn’t too prudish about her personal life, which is why we have here Kaya Scodelario’s personal bikini pictures for our fapping pleasure. No doubt you’ve all been left wanting more after catching this sexy British slut at her underhanded antics on TV, and no doubt you’re even more hungry for a little bit of actual pussy action from Kaya. A little sunning out in her tight teen bikini’s got to get Kaya Scodelario all hot and bothered, so this little backyard fun is obviously packing a part two indoors. A sequel involving even lesser clothing, and some hot lesbian action with her equally sexy pool buddy in the picture.

Kaya Scodelario

So if anybody’s craving a bit of naughty girl-on-girl action featuring Kaya Scodelario, there’s no better time to hit up these links for the complete set of celebrity photos! After all, we all started tuning in to Skins for the actual skin part, didn’t we?

Demi Lovato Flashes Her Meaty Cleavage

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

demi lovato cleavage

Teen hottie Demi Lovato’s transition from clean-cut starlet to being another casuality of the Disney child star curse appears to be complete. Oh yeah, check out these pics showing teen slut Demi flashes her meaty cleavage while selfshooting! Demi blows her once squeaky-clean image to smithereens when the racy photos of the actress posing seductively emerged on Twitter.

demi lovato lesbian pics
In one picture, Demi — surrounded by three female friends — can be seen showing off her cleavage as a backup dancer takes a closer look of her assets. A seemingly shocked young man looks on in the background. The other photo shows another hanger-on hugging Demi from behind while Demi touches the girl’s cheek with her tongue while tugging at her top, once again revealing her cleavage. Hooray for cleavage shots!

demi lovato scandal pics
These shot was apparently taken before Demi entered a suburban Illinois rehab facility to deal with “physical and emotional issues.” To see more of alluring Demi Lovato flashing her meaty cleavage, head on over to Celebrity Spankers!

Miley Cyrus celebrates a slutty 18th birthday

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Miley Cyrus

Disney has finally got themselves another whore in town. You gotta thank them for coming up with the skankiest whores in this side of Hollywood. First there was Britney, of course, and then we had Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and now, Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus

Although you have to admit, even before turning 18, Miley was already on her way of fulfilling her pornstar dreams, thanks to the bitches who’s been determining her concert wardrobes. They have clothed her in see through gowns, skin tight tops, lace onesies, catsuits, micro mini skirts and fishnet leggings! All these making a hard on in our crotch area. I just wish she’d magically materialize in front of me and start spreading that tight juicy pussy wide.

Miley Cyrus

I know I’ve had one too many jack offs concerning a scantily-clad Miley. But now I know there’d be more skanky naked photos of her. Just wait and see.

Lea Michele gets naughty in the locker room

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Lea Michele

The guys over at Glee joined New Directions for the right reasons. They joined because they loved to sing. Because they wanted to make themselves better persons. Because they were secretly gay. Or something. But if Lea Michele ever walked through the school halls wearing tight, white panties while sucking on a lollipop like a naughty choir chick, guys will stand in line for audition for all the bad reasons possible.

Lea Michele

Like chancing upon Lea Michele in the locker room, straddling a bench with her legs spread so widely apart you can just slide your ass over and stick your cock inside her. Or like spying on her bent over her locker, ass out, while she licked a lollipop with apparent relish. Or like catching her just senselessly ripping her top off to reveal her fine Hebrew hooters nestled so finely in a lacy white bra. You know, one of those things.

Lea Michele

Unfortunately, Glee will never be interesting enough to wait for an episode like that to manifest itself on our TV screens. Thank God we at least have Lea Michele volunteering to live out our kinky locker room fantasies, huh?

Erin Heatherton nude is no mirage

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Erin Heatherton

If I’m ever stranded in the desert and I’m hallucinating from the heat, don’t bother with mirages of oases and blocks of ice; I want me some Erin Heatherton, baby! Crawl toward these photos of Erin Heatherton writhing naked in the desert sand, cuddle her, and say she’s saved. Then fucking pin her to the ground and slay her pussy with your penis like she totally wants it (and she totally wants it, otherwise she wouldn’t sit around with her naked ass waiting for a heatstroke to happen).

Erin Heatherton

But seriously, these sexy photos of Erin Heatherton are just priceless. If there’s any way to describe how searing this teen model is, it’s by taking her to the most scorching place in the world and telling her she’s home. I just can’t get enough of staring at the tempting way she’s writhing in the sand, her small titties soiled and in need of a little licking from being in the sun far too long.

Erin Heatherton

What would be hotter is if you pictured yourself lying naked next to Erin Heatherton’s own nude body, fingering her minge out of her hallucination, and making awesome love with her right there in the middle of nowhere. A pussy flowing with orgasm juice is better than any friggin’ oasis.

Larissa Riquelme naked for the soccer boys

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Larissa Riquelme

Remember Larissa Riquelme, that sexy bitch screaming her cunt off in the sidelines during the world cup? She’s back, and she’s go more than just a pair of boobies jiggling in her wake. Here she is, looking quite the opposite from being pumped and high strung during the game, and actually looking quite serene exposing her tits and loose pussy to a pack of soccer boys all struggling to hold themselves from tackling bare ass.

Larissa Riquelme

And who wouldn’t have trouble stopping themselves from sticking it inside Larissa Riquelme’s overused vagina? This South American babe has all the curves in the right places, and, apparently, a vagina that’s so out of place it’s hanging so loose from getting drilled often by the national team. Look closely and you’ll see how spent this chick’s pussy is from getting reamed all the time by adrenaline-fueled soccer players. Yep, Larissa Riquelme knows how to play like a true fangirl; she can sneak past security and be naked dead center in the locker room for the victors way before the match is done.

Larissa Riquelme

So if you’ve tooted your vuvuzuelas in solitude long enough, have a slice of pictures of Larissa Riquelme’s shaved pussy, and have a bit of fun with the slut.

Montana Fishburne’s tits make daddy proud

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Montana Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne must’ve suffered the worst whiplash ever when he was ripped back into reality with his daughter Montana Fishburne’s debut into porn. But if your daughter has a spankin’ hot body with luscious tits that look perfect stained with cum, then you don’t blame bad parenting or the insidious influence of the likes of Kim Kardashian her entry into the porno industry; you blame the genes! And what a lovely display of genes we have here of Montana Fishburne showing off her dirty pictures.

Montana Fishburne

Aside from having these tramp stamps all over her body, you can see right away Montana Fishburne has porn potential branded all over her raw pussy. Judging from the low hanging clit she has going on, either Montana decided to do multiple takes of the deep penetration scene in her sex vid or she’s just a right slut even way before she broke into the scene. Either way, she’s got celebrity whore written all over her fine titties.

Montana Fishburne

If breaking her daddy’s heart isn’t good enough of a deal with the devil for a Hollywood career, I don’t know what is. At least we here at the sidelines get to enjoy Montana Fishburne’s sex tape while the drama rages on in the family.

Demi Lovato fucks innocence goodbye

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Demi Lovato

In what looks like a final bid for more quieter times, Demi Lovato rubbs shoulders with the Mouse himself and his bitch Minnie at the red carpet before turning on better things to rub, like cocks and other pussies, in celebration of the eighteenth birthday the whole fucking world’s been waiting for on their quivering toes.

Demi Lovato

There’s nothing better than to turn back and watch Demi Lovato’s road to maturity, which isn’t difficult, since she’s such a slutty young celebrity who pimps her pussy at the sound of a camera click that there’s already thousands of her skanky photos waiting for you to jack off to.

Demi Lovato

And if you noticed, Demi dumped the black, emo-type hair for a more mature-ish brunette mop, which is further reason to anticipate that not-too-distant day when websites and servers start crashing with a Demi Lovato Sex Tape headline sending the interwebs in a tsunami of cum stains. But before we all get ahead of ourselves, let’s enjoy the final vestiges of Demi Lovato’s innocence torn to shreds with these naked photos of her.