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Lara Stone Wets Her Bra-less Boobs For A Mag

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Warning! NFSW photographs of a super hot celebrity on this week’s edition of Celebrity Spanker! To cure us all from the post-Halloween party hung-overs which we all have been nursing all weekend long, here are some really hot nude snaps of Lara Stone. The 28 year old super sexy Dutch model bared her breasts in front of fashion photographer Mikale Jansson’s digital slr for a very raunchy Fall/Winter editorial spread for The Last Magazine.

Most of the snapshots of leggy and busty model Lara Stone for this magazine editorial shows the fashion star either bra-less, topless or wetting her tasty titties. Yep, there are awesome pictures of this tall and sexy blonde celeb wetting her tasty titties. Just check out Lara Stone as she pours a bottle of water on her tits while wearing that flimsy white tank top… before she takes it right off her attractive body. Truly spank worthy! I’ll be jerking myself sore with these hot NFSW images!

Last Magazine hits the jackpot! I bet the particular issue of their magazine with Lara Stone’s bare breasted and wet tank top photographs will completely sell off the shelves. Celebrity NFSW at its coolest! For more snaps of Lara Stone and other hot stars from movie stars, reality TV babes and super models, head on over at Celebrity Spanker today!

British Celebrity Cutie Lucy Pinder Posed Topless And In Sexy Lingeries

Monday, October 1st, 2012

Lucy Pinder puts on an amazing boob show

Burning hot for some star bitches to spank on to? Let this beautiful snapshots from Celebrity Spanker fix that craving! It showcases super beautiful and high quality photographs of the sultry British celeb Lucy Pinder while baring her boobs and posing like a sexy stripper! The brunette star exposed her massive knockers in their full naked glory for a lingerie collection or a men’s mag, or both, I’m not quite sure. Those big boobies out in the open is just too distracting. The busty British model posed in various nighties. But the hottest photos of Lucy Pinder are those where she’s wearing a very sensuous ebony dress.

Lucy Pinder baring her amazing big boobs

Whether you are a tit lover or just fancy celebs posing like alluring nymphos, these lingerie and topless photos of Lucy Pinder will have your pricks rock solid and ready to blast. Especially when you see this cutie squeeze and grope those healthy set of jugs! From hot photographs of her sweet cleavage, to her sweet boob play and full boob exposure, this UK celebrity just proves that luscious women are way hotter than those tiny titted slim teens.

Lucy Pinder hot big bare boob photos

If you enjoyed Brit celeb’s Lucy Pinder whoring out her big fat breasts and acting like a slutty flirt, check out Celebrity Spanker for more scorching hot spank worthy celeb scandals!

Brit Porno Star Kitty Lea Baring Her Big Tits And Groin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Kitty Lea wearing a slutty outfit with garters and pantyhose

Celebrity Spanker is giving us something worthwhile to wank on for the first week of September. Have a blast with the busty nude photos of Kitty Lea! If you don’t know this celebrity chick, Kitty Lea is a UK based cyber girl who loves showing off her body and does she have the right to do so! Just check out the boobs on these bare photos of Kitty Lea, her titties are just fine and delectable!

kitty lea topless and panty-less for a magazine

Okay, calling Kitty Lea a UK cyber celeb is just not right. She’s a porn babe from England. A hot porn babe for that matter! This British hottie is showing off her luscious body and exposing her busty tits and that plump pussy for Blue Bird Magazine, one of the hottest adult magazine that showcases the hottest and naugthiest babes all over the British Isles. They stay true to their claim of featuring the hottest babes with this month’s issue, having Kitty Lea’s bare boobed photos while this celebrity slut is wearing a kinky costume as cover.

Kitty Lea  and her nice ass crack exposed

I don’t know what this UK porn celeb is trying to be on these hot photos, but I like it! She’s wearing nothing but a pair of laced up red pantyhose, a necktie with collar around her neck and that crimson red gypsy hat on top of her horny face. These racy photos of Kitty Lea gives us great views of her perfect hooters and nipples and also a glimpse of her naked groin! Sweet lord! For more of this UK celebrity slut’s nude photos and other spank worthy celebrity scandals, head on over at Celebrity Spanker, and get your hands on the latest and sexiest Hollywood celebrity scandals!

Rhian Sugden nude photos

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

rhian sugden topless

Here are some photos of Rhian Sugden shirtless posing for her 2012 calendar photoshoot. And you know what, that skinny big tittied blonde thing is completely HOT! Something tells me she has one big step towards pornography. Okay, yeah, well maybe not that hardcore. But judging from the way she’s been acting, she’s actually showing symptoms of wanting to get into the industry, isn’t she?

rhian sugden nude photo

Seeing Rhian Sugden’s big melons and ass is absolutely breath-taking…in reality we’ve jerked off a few times already upon seeing just one pic of her. And God knows how much more cum will spurt out of our hard cocks once we blow up the pics where she’s showing off her tits. Good thing though, she was wise enough to parade her huge tits in public.

rhian sugden topless pics

Well, we’ll just have to wait one more year boys. Pretty sure Rhian Sugden can do so much better than just being topless, and self-shooting. Let’s cross our fingers, a Rhian Sugden sextape will finally leak out by then. Or more sextapes. But while we wait, let’s settle for the teasing she does every now and then.

Tila Tequila’s tits got pawned

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Tila Tequila

So she says she fucked a DJ, and I believe she has, all of them probably, but this time she got fucked by the Juggalos, and in the classiest fashion, topless style. Whether the crowd was stirred into a bottle-throwing frenzy by Tila Tequila’s exposed tits or the incomprehensible moans she fed the mike during her ‘performance’, either way is good, because, knowing Tila Tequila and her tits, she’s bound to skank up the night by doing something unrelated (but completely expected) like stripping off.

Tila Tequila

So her round boobies got pawned with a flying Budweiser, which was a real waste (the thrown booze, of course), and that’s probably good karma for all of us to finally smash some sense into the bitch’s skull, but when she pulls of skanky stunts like her topless titty maneuver, we can’t help but keep her onstage a little longer.

Tila Tequila

Don’t deny you haven’t fantasized about banging those tits of hers when you saw Tila Tequila’s sex tape or the hundreds of skanky pictorials that got ‘leaked’, so let’s all together lay the hate to rest for a while to pick up our cocks and cum all over Tila Tequila’s sexy tit pictures.

Gaella Garcia naked Island chick

Thursday, July 29th, 2010


Don’t look now, but there’s an insanely hot topless chick looking and pointing at you. Her name’s Gaelle Garcia and apart from being hot she’s also naked in these pics for Che magazine. I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again, latina chicks will be the end of men. They are the hottest chicks on the planet and if one of them strips naked exposing their juicy rack and succulent pussy, it’s enough to make you want to do some serious cock-stroking.

Here are  a few shots of Gaelle Garcia naked ass strolling at the beach under the sun—hopefully under my now steaming body soon. It would be my ultimate dream to be trapped in a deserted island with this latina goddess. Picture the sight of Gaelle Garcia’s deliciously stacked body galloping ontop of your rigid cock finding her spot til she explodes a pool of her creamy pussy juice. That’s one fantasy I never want to wake up from.


Alice Goodwin topless school teacher in heat!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


Now whose tits do I have to suck to go back to highschool? If it means looking at Alice Goodwin’s breasts every day of the week then I have no freakin’ problem repeating that shit all over again. Some chicks really know what men want to see and apparently Alice Goodwin knows what to do to make my dick hard and ready to pound the living shit out of her big bouncy tits.


Shit if Alice Goodwin was my teacher back in highschool, I would probably be sent to detention every fuckin’ school day because of jacking off my dick in class. A woman like her with a body made for fuckin’ isn’t allowed anywhere near anyone with a dick if she doesn’t want sexual things to happen in the premises. I mean sure I would still be respectful. I’d give my smoking hot teacher an apple everyday…and if I’m good enough maybe she would let me fuck her wet pussy from behind after school hours.


Lucy Liu topless pics

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Lucy Liu tits

Lucy Liu isn’t particularly shy when showing off her nude body in films, but it took a while before she agreed to pose topless for a photoshoot. I don’t know what’s up with that, but at least now we have something to add to our collection of Lucy Liu’s topless moments. This Asian star has conquered Hollywood like a storm, and with that hot body, I think she’ll stay long at the top.

Lucy Liu tits

But what really makes Lucy Liu hot? Except for her exotic Chinese features, of course, I think it is her domineering personality in the characters she play on films. Take for example, Charlie’s Angels, and Kill Bill. Lucy as an assasin or as a spy just makes her even hotter.

Lucy Liu tits

If you couldn’t get enough of Lucy Liu nudes too, then we have a lot in store for you right here on Celebspanker. Be sure to check it out!

Tara Reid topless pics

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010


It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve seen Tara Reid looking hot. That’s not being mean or anything, I was just saying the truth. But to be fair to the actress who is struggling for employment as of now, she indeed looked hot in this topless photoshoot. With her dark eyes, just-got-out-of-bed hair, hot lingeries, and of course, her big tits.


Well, of course, we know 100% that these are the products of a skillful photoshop session. Come on, Tara’s boobs in real life don’t look like this. We know for a fact that her boob job years back made her boobs look droopy and her nipples like pepperoni.


But okay, nonetheless, right here is where you can find the rest of Tara Reid’s topless pics.

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

I know it isn’t right, but I think I’m in love with Miranda Kerr. And with that, I mean I want to enclose her in my arms, kiss her dimpled cheek, and then bang her so hard with my stiff cock.

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

Well, you can’t really blame me. This girl radiates sex appeal wherever she goes. Here she was on a yacth with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom while they were spending New Year together. Well, how lucky is that fucking bastard for being able to spank Miranda’s sweet ass when they fuck. I just wish he drown on that sea where they were, so I can kidnap Miranda and do all those hardcore stuff on her.

Miranda Kerr bikini pics

Miranda, call me! I even did a photo montage of all your hot bikini pics, even the topless ones! Take a look, I have them here!